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The Language of Ghosts

A collection of poetry by Lauren Poole // Trigger Warning: gender-based violence, emotional abuse and sexual assault

“A girl is just a girl until she is a god / until she is arrow holes in the sky & stars clattering on the pavement / a girl is just a girl until she is holy”

The Language of Ghosts is a collection of poems that explore femininity, love, mental health, sex, and sexuality in an open and honest way.

I discovered Lauren Poole’s poetry on Instagram roughly a year ago and was immediately blown away by her work. So, when I found out that she was releasing her debut poetry collection earlier this year I could not wait to get my hands on it, and honestly, it lived up to all of my expectations.

I have continuously found myself reaching for The Language of Ghosts over the past few months. Whether it's on nights where I can't seem to fall asleep or on days where I'm looking for inspiration, it has been my quarantine go-to.

What makes this collection stand-out for me is Lauren's ability to write so candidly in a way that creates an intimate experience between her and the reader as she recounts personal events and reflects on sexuality, grief, relationships and many more moments.

As I've previously shared, I am a massive fan of the story-telling aspect of poetry, which is very present in Lauren's work and continues to draw me back to her book. She creates an honest reflection of her healing journey, compiling her poems chronologically to illustrate how the path to healing is neither clear nor linear at most times.

Mastering the art of imagery, Poole took me on an emotional whirlwind from cover to cover, fully encompassing the process of healing and learning to live after trauma. From the very first line,

"fast-rewind through the wreckage, all that glass unbroken and blood unspilled. the car uncrashes & drives into the sunset, the roads behind us pink and gold."

- excerpt from In A Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backwards

The Language of Ghosts had me hooked and I read it in its entirety in one sitting. If it wasn't clear enough already, I loved this book, and it's been at the top of my recommendation list since I've received it. So, if haven't already read it, you should (you can buy it here), and if you're looking for where you can read more of Lauren Poole's poetry, then give her a follow on Instagram (click here!)

My favourite poems include:

  • A GIRL IS JUST A GIRL UNTIL (as seen in the second photo)




I recommend this book if:

  • you enjoy poetry with a feminist perspective

  • you are looking for a book that explores the following themes: love, bisexuality, grief and healing

  • You want a good book to read

Interview with Lauren Poole coming November 1st, 2020.


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