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paint us red: exclusive poetry

Paint Us Red is a female poetry collection with nineteen contributing authors. It is a celebration of womanhood in its entirety.

As promised, here are 2 of 8 poems I've published within the anthology. Originally I thought to write an explanation of each poem, but I decided none are necessary. Let me know what you think of these poems below and if there's anything more you'd like to know.


poem no. 1 // untitled // publish in Paint Us Red

Men always want to hear what I have to say

paving my way to the podium

silently anticipating the words to spill

from my lips, like sweet honey onto

their laps, until

they learn that it is not them I want, no

that is when they begin to strip me

of my dignity and peace

when I become the bitch in their stories

the whore they curse under their breath

ripping the voice from my throat

revoking my right to ever speak

that is when my sanity comes to question

when my truth is twisted into lies

because their needs are God-given rights

in which they’re entitled to at

the expense of anyone who dares to disagree

men always want to hear what I have to say

until they don’t

Elizabeth Todoroska // @tipsyloveletters


Poem no. 2 // untitled // published in Paint Us Red

I have spent far too many years ripping myself

at the seams in order to try and create

something you would find pretty,

as if pretty was something needed to be achieved,

as if pretty wasn’t something I already was

I would bleed from my knees, dipping my

fingers in the crimson red paint, smearing it

across my lips and across my cheeks,

grinding my bones on rocks

to be a size you find appealing

but life is not meant to be lived this way

and I am tired of living my life for you

of twisting and turning my body for you,

and so,

I am beginning to stitch myself back together

needle and thread weave through split skin as I

lean down and kiss it better, I will love you,

I will.

Elizabeth Todoroska // @tipsyloveletters


How would you define womanhood? Tell me in the comments. Read my q &a here.


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